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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Lewis Hart
Passed 1st time
Passed first time with Joan! No way I could've done it without her! She makes you feel so comfortable and at ease behind the wheel, absolutely amazing instructor. Extremely easy to get on with, genuinely kind person, can ask her anything. Definitely recommend Joan!

Paul BuckleyPaul Buckley
I was a non driver in my 60s with a long standing fear of being in charge of something as dangerous as a car. When I started to learn to drive I thought that I would never be able to get past my initial lesson. But with Joan’s guidance I did and went back for another lesson. Forty hours of tuition later I passed first time.

Joan was always calm, patient and positive and nurtured my fragile confidence. Lessons became enjoyable rather than a source of stress.

It undervalues Joan to describe her as a driving ‘instructor’. She is a gifted teacher with the perfect mix of expert knowledge and skills to educate, encourage, push you out of your comfort zone when needed and impart helpful feedback to keep you constantly improving.

Joan knows exactly what examiners are looking for and will only put you forward for a test when she thinks you are ready (she has a fantastic first time pass rate). She is very thorough and will make sure you are very familiar with the local area covering all the test routes.

The LDC approach takes you beyond the standard required to pass the driving test. This was very important to me because I want to be a safe and thoughtful driver as well as the holder of a full licence. I will be returning to Joan to do my Pass Plus Training.

Finally, Joan was a pleasure to share a car with. We chatted about many different things and discovered a mutual love of cricket (though she is from the wrong side of the Pennines!).

Thank you Joan.

Lyn Farrell
1st time pass
I went to Joan after having a few bad experiences with other instructors in the past. I needed to drive for my new job but had no confidence at all and was absolutely terrified of the whole idea of learning. Joan discussed every situation with me, explaining how it all worked and what I might need to do ( and in which order). During the lesson she'd give me timely reminders about the salient points. Joan was always attentive and alert, which meant that I felt safe and secure in learning and she built up my confidence, week on week, so that when I tried something new I was ready for the challenge. I passed my test first time (3 dfs) and the examiner complimented me on what he called 'a safe drive'. It's thanks to Joan's excellent instruction, endless patience (and a great sense of humour) that I went into the test prepared, confident and with a positive mindset. I have already recommended her to several of my friends and will be doing my Pass Plus training with her. It's been worth every penny to learn with such a fantastic instructor. Many thanks. Lyn.

Paul Douris
First time pass
After a year of trying to learn to drive a manual car and getting nowhere, I switched to Joan Kaye's automatic training; a decision that has proved life-changing. From the start, Joan made me comfortable about switching to an automatic vehicle, reassured me we could get to a pass level, and helped me to set goals for each lesson. Joan has been an instructor for many years and in addition, she is a trained teacher. Her tutoring is always helpful, patient, honest, constructive and inspiring, never critical or judgmental. As a driving instructor Joan is a reliable source of knowledge and knows what is needed to pass the driving test. She is familiar with the area and knows what examiners are looking for. She will let you know when she thinks you are ready for the test and make the appropriate arrangements for you. On the day I took my driving test, there were no surprises. I was already familiar with the local areas and I was well aware of the snags and pitfalls to look out for. Thanks to Joan, I passed my driving test on the first attempt. It has been a pleasure to train with Joan (she's also great company in the car) and I am forever grateful to her for having changed my life for good. As an instructor, Joan gets an A* and I am happy to recommend her to anyone thinking of learning to drive an automatic vehicle. When I am ready to start my Pass Plus training, I will definitely be going back to Joan.

Kim Lilley
Thank you
I would like to recommend the Driving Instructor services of Joan Kaye. She is very reliable, friendly and patient. I was very nervous about driving and Joan put me at ease. She taught me not just to pass the test but everything I need to know about driving.

Manal Matoug
At first I would like to thank Joan Kaye so much for all her help, encouragement and support for passing my practical driving test first time! Words are not enough to express how Joan is an excellent driving instructor, she is always telling me that she is aiming for perfection and that's what makes learning to drive with her extra-special.

I started my lessons with Joan when over 5 months pregnant and explained to her my need to get my licence before I gave birth. With both our hard work, the aim was achieved. Despite being heavily pregnant, a mum of a 3 year old and a full time PhD student, I found Joan to be very considerate, co-operative and understanding to my busy life style. I tried my best to keep each lesson but if some things happened and I needed to change my lesson, she worked hard to try and find me an alternative lesson or fit me in another slot. She has never arrived late to any of my lessons, honestly she was always around 10 minutes early.

Her way of teaching goes that extra mile, she would explain verbally and draw to me all the challenging driving before we arrived at the situation, bit by bit in a very simple and clear way. Thus, giving you a clear idea of what you would be facing and how to manage and drive safely with confidence. As for example how to deal with mini and major roundabouts, staggered junctions, different manoeuvres and all other complex aspects of road signals and markings. Not all instructors do this!

I don't want this to be very lengthy, but all I can say is a big thank you to Joan and I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to learn and understand the safe and right way to drive.

Mark Devis
I did a semi-intensive course with Joan during the Summer 2011. Having previously had a bad experience with learning to drive, I was very nervous about getting back into the driving seat. Joan was very patient and took things at a gentle pace to get me comfortable and I was never rushed into anything I didn't want to do. She was very kind and considerate but also firm when necessary. Manoeuvres and tricky junctions were all explained well in advance and Joan was very good at describing the different techniques required to deal with the more complex aspects of driving. She was very honest about my progress throughout the course and made sure I was properly prepared for my test. Thanks to Joan, I passed first time and I can wholeheartedly recommend her to any other learner wanting to pass with LDC.

Joan is a dedicated, patient and highly skilled instructor. Her expertise and ability to communicate clearly, have enabled me to drive positively and with confidence.

Claire LaveryClaire Lavery
I would like to recommend the Driving Instructer services of Joan Kaye, especially if, like me you are a slightly nervous driver and if driving doesnt automatically come naturally to you.

I had approximately seven instructors over ten years and I was starting to think I would never pass my test. I found that most of the instructers would be irritable with me as I was not the quickest to pick the driving skills up. Luckily Joan was recommended to me and I was glad to have found her.

I found her to be patient but firm when necessary. She has a concientious nature and strives for excellence. Joan teaches driving skills thats are above expectations for example considerate driving, which sets a good example to other drivers and impresses test examiners.

I feel that I have been given the neccesary tools to be an observant and safe driver and my confidence has grown in leaps and bounds mostly due to Joan picking me up when my confidence was low.

Thank you Joan, you are a Star!!!

I really enjoyed my lessons with Joan. She is a brilliant driving instructor. She teaches you in a relaxed and calm environment. She helped me build up my confidence and believed in me! From the very first lesson Joan was friendly, helpful and patient. I would highly recommend her to everyone. Thanks for everything. I couldn't have done it without you.

Emily C
I would definitely recommend Joan as a driving instructor. She's so patient, understanding and very reliable. She also enjoys a good laugh! There's no way I could have passed first time without her. Thank you Joan.